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Thursday, December 10, 2009

African Descent Marrow Donor Urgently Needed to Save Zyreal

Edited 1/9/2010 to add: Zyreal's dad posted in his blog today that for now a second bone marrow transplant has been put on hold indefinitely. I am still asking that if you are not already registered in the donor program to still please join. If in the near or distant future Zyreal does need a transplant it will be wonderful if there is already a match in the registry so that he doesn't have to wait at that time for a match to be located.

Now back to the original post:

I'm begging here. If you are of African descent (No matter what continent you live on) and if you are not in a National Marrow Donor Program PLEASE consider joining to help save Zyreal. Also please forward this message to anyone you know who might be able to help him.

Zyreal is an adopted 7 year old boy who suffers from Sickle Cell Anemia. He recently underwent a cord blood (stem cell) transplant to save his life but today his family found out the transplant failed. His damaged marrow is now regenerating damaged blood cells and platelets but he needs to find a match from another person before undergoing a second transplant attempt. A better match must be found ASAP.

Ethnicity is crucial. Any patient in need of a marrow transplant will most likely find a match within their own ethnic group so Zyreal needs more people of African descent to join the marrow donor program in case they are the one who is going to be able to save his life.

Joining the registry is virtually pain free. In almost all countries 4 cotton mouth swabs are used to brush the inside of your cheeks. Donating isn't pain free but it isn't nearly as painful as most people seem to think it is. Discomfort, if there is any at all in most cases is mild and short lived. You can learn more about the two donation methods by CLICKING HERE.



If you live in the United States please go to Be the Match and enter your zip code to locate a live drive in your area:

It takes 4 cotton swabs that you wipe on the inside of your cheeks to find out if you are the match that can help Zyreal. It can then take up to 10 weeks for the test to be processed. Zyreal cannot wait so please do not delay in locating a drive.



There is also a list of international marrow programs at this link:

Please contact a program near you to locate a live drive. In most countries testing is simply swiping the inside of your cheeks with 4 cotton swabs. It can then take up to 10 weeks for the test to be processed. Zyreal cannot wait so please do not delay in locating a drive.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Message from Tami Day +155

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to share a belated Thanksgiving message with all of you from Tami:

Happy Belated Thanksgiving to all my family, friends and supporters,

These past months I have been overwhelmed with all of your love, support and messages in person, by email, on the phone, through the mail and through my blog and website. I am so thankful for each of you and I'm hoping the best for each of you in the coming year.


Stacie here, I am happy, no, make that thrilled to report that Tami is finally feeling better! Her back isn't perfect but continues to improve. Her body also continues to recover from the transplant. And big news, her hair is starting to grow back! At day +155 post transplant she's almost halfway to her half-year mark! That will be a reason to celebrate for sure. Maybe it'll catch on, celebrating half birthdays with a cupcake :)

Other patients we know are also reporting good news.

Matthew: Is recovering from his transplant and has moved out of the hospital and into an apartment near his hospital, very similar to how Tami did. Read his blog by CLICKING HERE

Zyreal: Is 7 years old and received his transplant and is recovering, still in the hospital. Read his online journal by CLICKING HERE

Jonathan Haupt will be receiving his mini haplo (a half matched) transplant from his sister Lynn on Dec. 8th. To learn more you can read his blog by CLICKING HERE

Our friend Roger, who also had MDS just like Tami, is continuing to recover from his transplant in Texas. He received it in March of this year but is having some complications now. It took Roger a year to receive his transplant because he had no insurance. Now he cannot work and is stressed about finances. If you would like to help Roger you can purchase a $5 "Cancer Sucks • I HAVE MDS" wristband or can make a donation to a fund I started for him here on Tami's website. Just CLICK HERE to place an order or make a donation.

On a sad note little Jasmina Anema is not doing well post transplant and it is feared that she has in fact relapsed and her Leukemia is returning. Recently the Make a Wish Foundation had arranged for her to meet and talk with President Obama as well as attend the annual pardoning of the White House turkey last week, but instead was rushed to the hospital due to a seizure. Her meeting with President Obama has been postponed for now. You can read more and watch a news video about Jasmina getting ready to leave for Washington D.C. by CLICKING HERE

There is now a follow up video to that story that you can view by CLICKING HERE