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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tami's Myelodysplasia Diagnosis

It's all happened so quickly and her condition is progressing so rapidly her doctors want to perform a stem cell transplant as soon as possible. Because for 1 out of 3 patients MDS progresses to leukemia there is a definite sense of urgency in finding a marrow match for her before this happens.

In the past 6 weeks Tami's normal life, her world, has been turned upside down.

After catching the flu Tami began suffering from extreme fatigue. When the feelings of exhaustion didn't subside she went to her doctor.

Tests confirmed that her white and red blood cell and blood platelet counts were all low. A bone marrow biopsy was negative for leukemia. Shortly after, her white count increased spontaneously. No diagnosis other then anemia was made at that time.

Subsequently she began experiencing nausea, indigestion and high fevers. A trip to the ER and it was determined all of her blood counts were low again as well as her blood pressure. She was admitted to ICU for 2 days then moved to a regular hospital room for 5 additional days. During the course of the following week many tests were conducted including a second bone marrow biopsy. 7 days later her doctor came to her with a 98% certainty diagnosis that she is suffering from myelodysplastic syndrome also commonly known as Myelodysplasia, MDS and "Pre" Leukemia.

For that remaining 2% missing from the diagnosis they conducted several toxicity tests on the off chance she had suffered lead or chemical poisoning. A week and a half later those results came back negative and she was given a conclusive diagnosis of Myelodysplasia.

As if Being Sick Wasn't Bad Enough

As a busy mom with 2 young kids, the next few months will be especially difficult. As it stands Tami is going to have to spend at least the next 4 months away from her kids while awaiting and receiving her Stem Cell Transplant at a Cancer Research Hospital in Seattle, Washington. She's been told that even with a transplant she won't be able to work for at least a year.

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