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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Winter Olympics 2010

Oh man was I shocked when I found out that Tami was in Vancouver attending the Winter Olympics! She has always been a fan of figure skating so I was thrilled for her when I found out she was there to see the Women's Final Skate and the Exhibition Skate! Here she is picking up her ticket at the broker's office.

She had a phenomenal seat!

She took this picture herself after the medals ceremony. WOW, right? From left to right: silver medal winner Mao Asada from Japan, gold medal winner Yu-Na Kim from Korea and bronze medal winner Joannie Rochette from Canada.

In her email Tami also said: "Michelle Kwan was at the final sitting in the section next to me. Katarina Witt was also there, I didn't a good shot of her. They sat together."

"I also went to the figure skating exhibition with all the winners. I met Scott Hamilton. He autographed my ticket from the exhibition as he was commentating in the section next to where I was sitting. I went and talked to him after the show. He was really nice. I took the pic when he was signing my ticket."

Downtown Vancouver at Robson Square

The cauldron was not too photogenic due to the barriers and fencing. Fortunately by the time Tami got there they had at least moved the barriers closer. For the life of me I will never understand why they were not able to come up with a better solution to allow visitors to take nicer pictures of the outdoor cauldron. LOL it's still a nice picture of Tami and Don. Too bad the cauldron doesn't look as good as they do!

Anyways Tami had a terrific time. The only really bad part of the trip is that she did catch a cold while she was there. Hopefully it won't linger and she'll be feeling better very soon.

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