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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Matthew Needs our Help and Prayers

Our friend Matthew needs our help now more than ever. For over two years now Matthew has been fighting Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML). In May of this year, Matthew received the good news that a potential donor had been found but was not available to donate until August 5th. Unfortunately, at the end of July, Matthew received devastating news, not only was his cancer back but his potential donor was no longer available and wasn't even in the registry anymore!!

Potential donors must be aware that if you are on the marrow registry you must be willing to donate your stem cells or bone marrow. Can you imagine having cancer and finding a match only to learn that the potential donor is unwilling to donate!! In his blog, Matthew states, "I do not know what is worse….knowing someone out there can save your live but won’t do it….or not having a match at all."

What happened to Matthew is so cruel. Please if you sign up to be on the registry you must be willing to go through with the donation. Someone that is dying is counting on you.

Fifty percent of the time potential donors are either unwilling (for a multitude of reasons) or for heath reasons are deemed by the doctors as ineligible to donate. So it is also very important that you take care of yourself and your health. Remember if you are a match for someone, you are saving their life!!

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