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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Artisan Pizza for Dinner? Day +72

As of Monday Tami is back to being an outpatient and though she is still dealing with the lingering effects of both the skin GVHD and viral infection she is doing better. The GVHD is responding to treatment and the rash is healing. That means at the moment all of her skin is peeling. Not fun. And the other viral infection, while not gone, is also under control.

The Hickman Catheter that was implanted in her chest is now removed, hopefully for good. YAY! And now she has a pick in her arm to help with her infusions.

Here's something fun, when I was talking to my mom yesterday she said tonight she and Tami will probably have pizza for dinner. Oooh I'm jealous. It's not just any pizza...

While I was in Seattle I hoofed it on over to Zaw one night to pick up an "Artisan Pizza in the Raw" to bring home and bake for dinner. This is such a cool company. It's the most eco-friendly and gourmet pizza place I've ever seen. Among other features they say whenever possible they use seasonal, organic, unique, and local ingredients. Their delivery service is by bicycle and their shop has a "green" wall of plants, planted horizontally, that grow vertically to help create oxygen.

Here is the "green" wall.

And a close up. I don't understand how they get the plants to stay in place but somehow they do. The plants go in with their roots towards the wall but then the plants make a 90 degree turn and grow vertically. Very cool.

And this is the first pizza place I've ever been to that pairs their pies with premium beers and wines. LOL but their ingredients are so gourmet it only makes sense that their drinks would be less then typical. For instance here are a couple of pairings from their menu:

Shroom Fest
Gently sautéed portabella, crimini, and button mushrooms from Ostrom’s in Olympia meet roasted red onion, fresh thyme, garlic and shroom-enhancers of asiago and mozzarella.

Pairs with: Chardonnay, Porter

And this one...

Savory Savary
A combination of sliced Isernio’s hot Italian sausage,
maple-syrup-caramelized red onion and fresh organic sage. Served with a blend of asiago, parmesan and mozzarella.

Pairs with: Reisling, Premium Lager

This was our pizza that evening.

If you have the chance you should order one or two. They only take 10 minutes to bake. I wish we had a Zaw down here in California. Hope Tami and my mom have a great dinner tonight!

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