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Friday, October 16, 2009

Please Help Chenin Before She Runs Out of Time

Chenin Iglowitz is a 35 year old medical professional (Labor and Delivery Nurse) who is suffering from refractory, large B-cell lymphoma which has resisted two courses of chemotherapy. A higher dose of chemo followed by a stem cell transplant is her only hope. That's Chenin with her sister at her sister's graduation from med school in 2008.
At this time her need to locate a life saving donor match is critical.

Chenin is of mixed ethnicities. Simply stated she is half caucasian and half asian. Her highest likelihood of finding a matching stem cell donor will be from someone else who is also of mixed Caucasian and Asian ancestry. But her match could come from other ethnic groups so just because you don't fit this exact profile doesn't mean you couldn't be her match:

Chenin's Father's lineage is: Ashkenazi Jew, Irish, Dutch, French and English

Her Mother’s lineage is 100% Cantonese
Please note matching ethnicities are not absolutes when it comes to finding a marrow match. Often Asians who are from different countries can and do match each other. For example a Japanese person may match a Korean, or someone from India may match a patient from the Philippines. Sometimes even more rare matches occur such as an Asian person matching a Caucasian or a Caucasain matching an African American patient. So no matter what your ethnic background please get registered to see if you will be able to help save a life.

Chenin working as a nurse in 2006 at Tripler Hospital, Hawaii.
• Joining the National Marrow Donor Program is pain free and most donors only suffer mild discomfort or none at all during the donation process.

• 70% of donations are now given by blood in a newer donation method called PBSC.

• 70% of patients in need will not find a match in time.

•Only 30% of those who do find a match receive their donation from a family member. 70% are given by strangers.
How to Get Registered to see if you are Chenin's Match:

If you fit this profile or know someone who does, PLEASE TAKE ACTION NOW! Chenin needs to receive her transplant while she is still healthy enough to undergo the procedure.

Donors must be 18 to 61 years of age, and in good health. Please join the National Marrow Donor Program to see if you could be Chenin's life saving marrow match. Time is of the essence. Registering is free of charge but donations are appreciated.

Live National Donor Drives: Locate a live drive on the Be The Match website by CLICKING HERE and entering your zip code.

Register by Mail: You can order a home test kit, consisting of a short form and 4 cotton mouth swabs, through the AADP web site. CLICK HERE to order a kit. Where the online form asks for 'Additional notes' be sure to enter "Request expedited processing for Chenin Iglowitz.”

International Programs: If you have friends that live in other countries please ask them to register where they live. If no match is located within the U.S. the international registry will be searched for a match. View the International list of donor programs by CLICKING HERE.

If you are a match for Chenin, or any other patient in need, you will be contacted. CLICK HERE to learn more about the donation process.

Chenin Today

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