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Monday, October 12, 2009

Tami is home and more good news....

Tonight Tami is back home with her family and sleeping in her own bed for the first time since arriving in Seattle on June 4th. I will call tomorrow for an update about how her trip home went and how she's feeling and post an update here in her blog.

I also have good news. Make that great news!

I just learned tonight that Matthew Nguyen received his stem cell transplant and is recovering at City of Hope Hospital in L.A. The match was not a 10/10 so it's likely he will suffer from GVHD but he now has a fighting chance of surviving the Leukemia that has been attacking him since his relapse in Feb of this year. Sending prayers his way and to the 24 year old anonymous donor who gave their stem cells to him.

After his first match backed out of making the donation to him in July he was reluctant to tell anyone about this donor until the transplant had taken place. More details here:

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  1. This is the *best* news! I was so heartbroken reading about what happened to Matthew, with his first match. I am SO happy he has found another match, and that the donation has indeed taken place. I'm sending lots of good thoughts his way.