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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Launching Helping to the World

Well tomorrow morning I'm planning on kicking off our nationwide mail-in marrow drive by launching to the world on my "Flirty" blog. The kit contains 4 cotton swabs that you simply swab your mouth with and mail them back in. That's all it takes to get registered and into the National Registry.

It may take a little time for word to spread but I'm hoping that many of my friends, colleagues and fellow bloggers will cross post the information and the link to Tami's website to help let more people, nationwide, know that there is a critical need for potential donors from every ethnic minority group at this time.

Here's something you may not have known: Donor tissue typing costs are often free for anyone of Asian/Pacific Islander, African American, Latino, Native American or Multi-racial descent because of the severe need of donors from all ethnic minority backgrounds. In our nationwide mail-in drive the will be offering home test kits free to anyone of any ethnic minority group as well as to those of mixed heritage. You can learn more about why ethnicity is so crucial by CLICKING HERE to visit Tami's website.

While the standard cost to be tested is $52, the AADP in conjunction with the National Marrow Donor Program is offering a discounted price of $25 to any Caucasian donors.

While it’s most likely Tami will find her match within her own ethnicity? There is a chance she could find it in another. And she isn’t the only one in need. There are 6000 people in the United States seeking a life saving marrow or stem cell match.

If you are Caucasian and would like to order a mail-in test kit to join the NMDP registry at the discounted price online please click:

When asked to provide a "Promo Code" please enter: AADPTami2009

To anyone who reads this and joins the registry or takes the time to forward the link to Tami's website to anyone they know who might be willing to get tested or help us spread the word, I'd like to say a huge THANK YOU in advance. Your efforts are very much appreciated by Tami and her family and you never know, someday you might end up saving someone you love and care about. I registered in 1995 and never dreamt my own cousin would one day be a person in need.

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