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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Chemotherapy Day #2

Day 2 of Tami's chemo went even more smoothly then the first with no reaction at all to the medication.

Now that her chemo has begun and she's an in-patient at the hospital Tami's blood is checked every 2 hours. Tomorrow she will receive a blood transfusion as her count was low today. This is to be expected as the chemo medication causes lowering of her blood counts.

One of the question I am often asked is "Will Tami lose her hair?" The answer is yes and in actuality she has been losing some hair recently due to her medications but with the start of chemo she is losing more and will soon have little to no hair left.

On the up side she can eat anything she wants and her apatite has continued to be good. Today she had grilled chicken and artichokes for lunch. For dinner she was going to have take-out tempura.

The catheter site is a little sore and will take a few more days to heal.

Thanks for checking in and for the many messages yesterday.

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