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Friday, June 26, 2009

Chemotherapy Day #3

I am happy to report that Tami's third chemo session went as well as the first two: Uneventfully.

She did receive a blood transfusion which took the better part of the day.

I also found out that Tami is participating in a study by being a part of a Cytoxan researh group. Cytoxan is one of the chemo meds being used to remove her sick marrow. Fred Hutchinson is one of the top Cancer Research Centers in the world so it's no surprise that there are research groups and clinical tries going on there at all times. Because of the patients who are willing to participate in studies now, medicine will advance a step further for patients yet to be diagnosed in the future so they can receive even better options in their treatment.

The Cytoxan may expedite her recovery process allowing her to be released from the hospital sooner as opposed to later following her transplant.

Tami would also like to thank everyone for the many messages she's received this week. Though she's not up to thanking everyone in person she does truly appreciate hearing from all of you.

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Thanks so much for checking in.

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