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Monday, August 24, 2009

Still Fighting that Nasty Klebsiella Infection

Unfortuantely Tami is still fighting the Klebsiella infection :( Klebsiella typically localizes in one of two areas: In the lungs as a dangerous form of pneumonia or as a urinary tract infection. Tami has contracted the latter. She is receiving both the IV antibiotic as well as a drug called IGG to help boost her antibodies and immune system.

So today she is at the clinic receiving infusions for:

• IgG to build up her antibodies
• Antibiotics to help fight the Klebsiella
• Magnesium (continuing treatment)
• Hydration (had discontinued but is starting again)

On the good news front she is still off of the prednisone for her GVHD and after just one week her blood sugar levels are back to normal. YAY!

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