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Saturday, April 25, 2009

In Remembrance of Carolyn Tam

When I first learned of Tami's diagnosis I also learned about Carolyn Tam from my friend Evonne Wong. Evonne directed me to Carolyn's blog and it was there that I first got the idea to build Tami her website and blog.

After reading Carolyn's blog I read the sites and blogs of other patients like Project Michelle, Team Matthew, Team Krissy and more. And though I didn't personally know any of them I felt connected after reading their highs of attaining remission and the lows of their diagnosis' and relapses.

So even though I never personally knew Carolyn, it saddened my heart greatly this morning when I received word via her Facebook Group that she had passed away 2 days ago because her match was never found. Carolyn fought a long hard battle that I hope one day, nobody will ever have to face.

Can you imagine if every eligible person in this country joined the registry? Instead of taking 2 years or more to find a match, people could be matched in 2 weeks. Countless lives would be saved. It may sound idealistic but if everyone were willing to register and donate that could be the case for so many people in need.

It is an outright tragedy that Carolyn was not saved. She should have been saved. I wanted to create a memorial page for her on Tami's site because I feel strongly that her life is one that needs to be recognized out of respect for who she was and the hard fought battle she faced.

CLICK HERE to visit the remembrance page for Carolyn on

4/26/09 Edited to Add:
I just received a message this morning from Patrick, Carolyn's brother. I am stunned and so appreciative at the same time that he has offered to send us all of the information they have accumulated over the course of 2 years to help us fast track our efforts to help Tami. I say I'm stunned because Carolyn just passed away a few days ago. But I quickly realized that it takes someone who has been through this process to realize that time is not a luxury to be wasted. Any patients best chance of recovery is to receive a transplant while their body is still strong enough to recover from the procedure itself. So thank you Patrick for reaching out to Tami so quickly after learning about her need.

I've also received some messages from Chris, Carolyn's friend, asking people to please don't quit Carolyn's Facebook group now that she's passed away. The groups efforts will continue as her legacy and they will continue in her honor to register new donors to help others in need. If you are on Facebook and want to support them CLICK HERE to join Carolyn's group.

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