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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Fighting MDS and Winning

This photo was take of Roger right before his transplant.

While researching MDS, Stacie came across a website called The Author, Roger Contreras also has a blog.  Roger is a plumber from Texas.  Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with MDS in May 2008.  A major stopping block in Roger's path was the fact that he did not have health insurance.  Roger's blog is an amazing read.  He describes his illness and his treatment at a variety of hospitals (often with a surprising amount of humor, and how having no health insurance had delayed and affected his treatment. The best part of Roger's blog though is reading about his feelings through his ordeal.

This is Roger's actual transplant in progress.

The great news is that Roger was recently able to have a bone marrow transplant that will hopefully save his life.  It was a long, hard road to get to where he is today.  Even though he is healing and still in the hospital, Roger has selflessly agreed to feature Tami on his website and work to help her donor drive as well. As Roger said today in a message to Stacie "right now i have alot of time, and i don't plan on wasting any of it." We cannot even express how much that means to us.

After several days of being violently ill from the chemo used to destroy his marrow to give his donor marrow a chance to engraft, this is Roger finally feeling better and losing his hair a few days later. Here he is a third of the way through having his remaining hair shaved off. 

If you'd like to keep up on Roger's progress you can subscribe to his blog. On the right hand side of his blog you will see a subscription option to receive email updates in your inbox whenever Roger posts a new entry.

Also, Roger sells wrist bands. Until he is able to work again they are his only form of income to assist with his exorbitant medical costs. A great conversation piece, they help to raise awareness about Myelodysplasia with Roger's website url on one side and "Cancer Sucks" on the other.Please CLICK HERE to purchase one of his wrist bands with Paypal. We are requesting a donation of $5 but spreading the word is what's most important so please use the contact page on the website if you'd like a wrist band but can't afford to buy one at this time. Stacie has offered to cover the cost for anyone who wants to help spread the word about Roger's website while her supply lasts.

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