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Friday, April 24, 2009

New Pictures of Tami!!!

We have some new photos of Tami for everyone to see.  We are hoping and praying for good news soon on a matching donor.  All these photos were taken recently while Tami has been in the hospital.

Tami and Auntie June.  Auntie June has visited and stayed with Tami everyday since she entered the hospital.  Auntie June updates us daily on Tami's progress.  She has been such a great help to Tami and to us during this hard time.  The white around Tami's neck is a mask she wears.

Tami in her hospital bed.  She seems so thin here but I love the smile on her face.  

Don walking with Tami outside of the hospital.  It's so nice when Tami can get out of that hospital room and get some fresh air. 

Tami sitting outside the hospital in her wheelchair.  She has such a super smile.  We hope she finds a donor soon.  Pretty quick she won't need that winter coat anymore!!

Tami and Don at the hospital.  Don has been right by Tami's side through her ordeal.  

I hope everyone enjoys the new photos. We will continue to post new ones as soon as they are available!

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