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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday Morning Update on How Tami is Feeling

Just wanted to let everyone know that Tami is feeling better today following her bad platelet reaction yesterday.

We are not sure what the new method of delivering her platelet transfusions will be to safeguard her from another bad reaction but we did learn last night that from here on out her blood transfusions will be "washed" before she receives them.

"Washed" blood means that plasma proteins are removed from the blood using a centrifuge device allowing plasma and other elements to be separated from the red blood cells so that Tami will receive a transfusion comprised of only red blood cells in the future. This will reduce her risk of a reaction to the other elements in the blood that aren't a vital part of the transfusion.

Also her hives  have already dissipated so her skin is fine today.

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