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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Another Marrow Match for Tami?

Well here's some news. I found out that there is a second potential marrow match for Tami. What I don't know is how good of a match is it. Is it an 8, 9 or 10 marker match? The closer to 10 the better. This is reassuring of course because if for any reason the first match is unable to donate due to health reasons or is unwilling... We won't necessarily be starting over at square one. 

The thing is, is that the closer this second potential donor is to a 10 marker match the better the odds of Tami's transplant being successful. So if we find out that this match is less then 10 we will still push forward to guarantee Tami the best odds she can have and try to find her a second 10 marker match if the first one doesn't move forward.

Also of importance is to note that even with two potential donor having been located it does not mean we can stop searching for Tami. There are patients who have to find multiple matches before one is able and willing to donate. I Know Nancy Sakakura had to find 3 matches and others have had to find 4 or 5 matches before finally receiving the stem cells or marrow they need.

A special thanks to Nancy for her help and reassurances that we are on the right track with all we are doing to help Tami. Sometimes it's easy to feel a bit lost or overwhelmed when one takes on a national marrow donor drive out of the blue (LOL) as we have. Her support has helped us immensely in times of uncertainty.

Posted by Stacie (Tami's cousin)

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