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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How Tami is Feeling

On Monday, Stacie told us about Tami's platelet count rising to 56! It's even higher now at 69 platelets!! No one can believe the increase. We are still very unsure about why the counts are rising on their own. Remember she is still well below the normal range of 150-350 platelets.

Tami has experienced some indigestion but has been able to eat her meals on a normal schedule which is good. We want Tami to be able to keep up her strength!

If all checks out ok with Tami and the donor her chemotherapy is scheduled to begin on June 22nd and will most likely run for 8-10 days. This can be a very hard time for Tami. All people are different, but chemotherapy can be very, very hard on the body. We will definitely update Tami's progress through her chemotherapy.

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