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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Donor Drive Help for Team Anh

As you can imagine running a donor drive campaign is not a small effort. It takes a LOT of time and energy and one person cannot do it alone. That being said Team Anh is looking for some help. Their focus is on the Vietnamese community as Anh is Vietnamese and is suffering from Myelodysplasia just like Tami. Please email if you can help.

They need help with two things: (1) online help and (2) volunteers for drives.

- ONLINE HELP: Can you help them with blogging, twittering, and emailing about Anh's need to get a stem cell match. Please reference Anh's website: They also need help maintaining her website.

- VOLUNTEERS WITH DONOR DRIVES: They urgently need volunteers who are willing to start a drive (it's very simple) or attend a drive in:
- South (Houston, Austin, Dallas, New Orleans)
- East Coast (New York, Boston, DC/Northern Virginia, Philly, Atlanta)

Check out their Facebook Group at:

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  1. Staci! Thank you for the post. You are awesome!