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Saturday, May 16, 2009

How Tami is Feeling

Tami didn't have to go in for a blood draw today but she will go in tomorrow. Her doctors are now taking an every other day approach since her blood and platelet levels have been more stable.

All in all she is feeling better. Most days she is now up and out of bed to go watch tv in the family room. Just moving around must feel so great after being in the hospital bed for so long.

Today she ate a hamburger. We're really glad to see her eating more protein as it's something her body needs but meat and eggs had made her nauseated the past few weeks so this is also an improvement for her.

She's starting to organize things to get ready to go to Seattle for her pre-transplant evaluation. The days of her feeling too tired to get up and do anything are becoming fewer and further between.  

We could not be happier for her!

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