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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Gotta Love Twitter

This morning I was "followed" by Sonya Lee Weddings and Events on Twitter.

Immediately I noticed that she is based out of Massachusetts. Serendipitous because the 3 multi-ethnic "Gift of Life" Bone Marrow Donor Drives are tomorrow and I'd been trying to figure out how to reach out to more people there. 

I asked Sonya if she would help us spread the word and she said yes in a BIG way. Not only is she going to get registered she's "tweeted" it to all of her followers on Twitter. 

Thanks so much Sonya! 

We really appreciate all of the help we can get :)

Sonya Lee Weddings and Events

Posted by Stacie (Tami's cousin)
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  1. You are so welcome Stacie! It is my pleasure to do whatever I can to help Tami. On my way to the donor drive now! Have an excellent day :)

  2. Thank you Sonya. *Hug* Another patient here, Michelle Maykin, has found matches for 3 other people at her drives in the past year and a half. She herself has not found a match yet but maybe someone will sign up today who might be a perfect 10 marker match for her.

    You can view the video where Michelle learns that the first two matches were found for other patients at Project Michelle donor drives at this link:

    Van, her husband, tells her at 7:20 of this 9 minute video, a documentary of Michelle's journey through 2008.