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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Another Patient in Dire Need

This is first and foremost a blog for Tami and how she is feeling and updates on her condition. However, there are many patients in need of bone marrow and stem cells. Nick Glasgow is one of those patients and we would like to share his story with you because we would like to be able to help all patients find their matches.

Nick is of Caucasian (3/4) and Japanese (1/4) descent.  His best chance for a match is another individual of the same or similar Asian and Caucasian combination.  As you know, the Registry is in great need of minority donors and mixed ethnicities matches are the most challenging of all.  Nick lives in the SF Bay Area and has a phenomenal team of supporters who are launching a nationwide, online, marrow donor drive on his behalf.

Nick is 28 years old and thought he had strep throat but shockingly was diagnosed with a rapidly progressing case of  Leukemia. Please read the rest of Nick's story.  You can also join his Facebook page for more information and updates.

Please help Nick find a donor by joining the Registry and asking your friends to join.  His doctor told Nick he has 0% chance of finding a match. Imagine how devastating this news must have been. We believe that Nick has a chance, albeit a slim one due to his multi ethnic background but he does have a fighting chance if enough people join the registry!

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