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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Birthday, Tami!

Wendy here. Some of you might recall the blog post where I talked about being a potential donor for 3 different patients in the past.

When I was going to be a marrow donor and I was being prepared for what would happen, I was told that my marrow would be harvested in a hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and flown to the patient. Once the hospital and patient found out my marrow had made it on the plane they would throw a big party for the patient to celebrate the first day of the rest of their life. I always thought that was such a neat idea.

Happy Birthday to You...

Tami's nurses did something very similar! I was actually really surprised. Tami's nurses came in and sang Happy Birthday to her right before her stem cell transplant! I think the nurses have so much love and caring.

Just for fun Stacie thought this would make the event more festive so she photoshopped the picture to make it more "party" like. LOL this is how she pictured it in her head:

After her stem cell transplant was completed the nurses wrote Happy Birthday on the dry erase board in Tami's room.

I am just so happy for Tami.

The next step for Tami is to wait 2-4 weeks to see if the transplant was successful and are the stem cells going to engraft and begin making healthy new blood in after they settle into her marrow. We are praying hard for Tami!

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