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Friday, July 3, 2009

Thank You for Your Prayers

I don't know about you but one of the first things I do when I learn someone is in trouble or sad or needs help is say a prayer for them. I pray for strangers I learn about on tv, online, or through friends. I pray for loved ones and I even pray for animals and pets. We have recently learned about all the people praying for Tami and a lot of us feel it is really helping Tami. We can never find a way to thank you enough for all the prayers.

We have received so many messages online praying for Tami and it means so much to her family. We also learned that a very special couple recently spoke Tami's name at their Synagogue! Their entire congregation prayed for her that evening.

Another family friend that has been vacationing in Europe actually prayed for Tami at the Vatican! I just know it has helped Tami so much to have so many kind people caring for her.

Others have included Tami's name, among other names, to their prayer circles. A prayer circle can be a group of individuals either in person actually holding hands or a group of friends and acquaintances or an online community that prays for its members and anyone else the members mentions as needing them.

We ask that you continue to offer up your prayers for Tami. She will be needing them for awhile now. So please by all means say those prayers!!!

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