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Monday, July 13, 2009

post Stem Cell Transplant: Day +13

Due to the high risk of infection and her physical discomfort, Tami is not able to have visitors at this time.

Engraftment: The good news: Tami's white blood cell count is rising. It's still far below the normal ranges but the fact that it is going up and not staying the same or going down means her new marrow is now producing new blood cells. According to the National Marrow Donor Program website engrafting is measured by a particular type of white blood cell count called Neutrophils. There is also a specified count for platelets that when reached is considered another sign of engraftment. We have not received word regarding Tami's neutrophil or platelet counts but hopefully we will in the next week or so.

Oddly drinking liquids is proving to be more painful for Tami then eating soft solid foods. It will take some time for her mouth and throat sores to go away.

For now Tami will remain on the Prednisone to control the GVHD. If she shows enough improvement by this time next week her doctors may lower the dosage she needs to be on.

Unfortunately Tami's vision has been effected possibly by the transplant itself, the GVHD or even some of the medicines used to help her. Her vision is now blurry but this is a known side effect (usually temporary) that may take anywhere from a few months to as long as a year to resolve.

Despite the GVHD, Mucositis and blurred vision, the Doctor is happy with Tami's progress.

UPDATE 1:43 pm:

Ok let's get the bad news out of the way first because there's lots of good news today!

Tami is still in a discomfort from the mucositis. But the doctors have said it shouldn't get any worse then it is right now. It will take time for Tami's mouth and throat sores to subside but it's good to know she shouldn't be getting any new ones. This is because of her receiving the final dose of anti-rejection medicine on day +11.

Engraftment: The donor cells are engrafting! This is great news. It means that the transplant itself was successful and the donor cells are creating new white blood cells, neutrophils and platelets. Tami's counts are rising slowly but they are rising. YAY! When her neutrophil count reaches 500 for 2 consecutive days she will be allowed to leave the hospital and move back to her apartment on campus as an outpatient. She will still return to the hospital each day for tests, etc.

Vision: I also found out that the blurriness she is suffering from isn't too severe. Hopefully it will self-correct before too long. 

Thank you for all of the messages you all have been sending to Tami and myself. They are very much appreciated. 

Hope I have more good news to share with the next update.

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  1. This *is* good news! So happy to hear it.