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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Post Stem Cell Transplant: Day +7

Sorry but Tami is not up to visitors today

Unfortunately the side effects of the chemo and meds are beginning to take hold. Tami had a rough night last night with a lot of pain in her stomach. She is scheduled to have an x-ray today just to make sure everything is ok in her GI tract.

She is also suffering more pain from the mouth sores and was not able to eat as much this morning having only some oatmeal for breakfast.

I was told that Tami will most likely not be up for visitors for the next few weeks now :( A lot of the discomfort she is experiencing typically takes that long to subside.

But thank you to everyone who has been sending her messages via her website contact form. She is receiving them and they certainly brighten her days.

Update 10:16 am: Tami's doctor just came by and said despite her pain and discomfort she is doing very well. He said on a scale of 1-100 he would rate her overall condition and progress as a "90." He said she is going through the worst time right now so hopefully by next week she will be feeling better. 

Posted by Stacie (Tami's cousin)

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