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Friday, July 3, 2009

Post Stem Cell Transplant: Day +3

Is Tami up for a visit?
Sorry, due to exhaustion not at this time.

Today Tami had Rice Krispies and yogurt for breakfast. She is still very tired and has been experience indigestion off and on. She is really tired so it's good that today should be an easier day for her with no transfusions or major procedures. Yesterday her blood and platelet transfusions began at 8:00 am and didn't end until 8:00 pm.

And some surprising news. Early on we were told that Tami wouldn't be able to see her kids for weeks after her transplant due to her risk of infections. This would be such an emotional hardship for any family. But as it turns out that isn't the current policy at her hospital and as long as they take proper precautions, her kids can visit her during her recovery. Last night they arrived in Seattle for a short visit! We know that seeing her kids will raise Tami's spirits immeasurably so we're glad that they are having an opportunity to see each other.

Regarding Visits: Today I added a new feature to Tami's daily updates to let everyone know if she is up to visitors day by day. Unfortunately due to the increasing exhaustion and side effects she's been experiencing from the chemo and medications she no longer has the energy for visitors. This may last for several weeks :( To better understand please read the post preceding this one about Side Effects.

But if she has a good day and wants some company we'll be posting that for sure and for those of you who have contacted me directly asking about visits, I'll send you an email to let you know that this has changed so that if you are able to fit it into your schedule you may be able to swing by and chat with her :)

Update 9:24 pm: Unfortunately Tami began suffering from cramping today on top of the nausea and indigestion she was already experiencing. This is not a big surprise but an unfortunate reality. Hopefully she will feel better tomorrow.

Posted by Stacie (Tami's cousin)

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