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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Project Michelle is a success for patients needing a donor

Back on May 17, 2009, we told you about Michelle Maykin in this blog entry. Michelle is suffering from a treatment resistant Leukemia. We were able to update Michelle's status on July 4th in this blog entry. As you can see, things have become very critical for Michelle.

If there can be any good news in Michelle's story, it is the other patients Project Michelle has been able to help while trying to find a donor for Michelle herself.

As you can see below, as a direct result of Project Michelle's efforts, four patients have actually been matches for others in need and donated their stem cells!! Fifteen others are in the process of being tested to be donors and 110 individuals are possible matches. Those statics are just amazing!! Project Michelle has been able to help so many people in need.

Now, we are praying Michelle is able to find the match she needs. Words are not sufficient enough to thank Project Michelle for all their hard work and dedication.

You can continue to check Michelle's status via her blog.

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