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Friday, July 10, 2009

Post Stem Cell Transplant: Day +10

Sorry but Tami is not up for visitors at this time.

The good news is Tami won't need a transfusion today.

The bad news is her throat is very sore both from the mucositis which is now in her throat and mouth and from the endoscopy scope down her throat yesterday.

The pain in her stomach is the same as yesterday. The endoscopy showed mucositis in her esophagus and some light swelling in her small intestines from the chemo.

We are waiting for the results of many other tests to try to pinpoint what is causing her severe abdominal and stomach pain.

Tami will get a PAC pump today so she can self medicate for her stomach pain :(

Update 11:04 am: I just found out that because of the endoscopy the doctors don't think GVHD is the problem. They do not know what is though. Hopefully the test results we are waiting for will show them.

I also found out that unfortunately the mucostiis (mouth sores similar to canker sores) in Tami's mouth is not subsiding but is spreading and worsening. She may soon have to be fed through an IV. Today she did manage down some oatmeal and applesauce but I'm pretty sure she needs more nutrients then that so it won't be a surprise to hear that they are moving on to giving her nutrients directly through the IV if and when that happens.

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